More Blue Eye Wearable Looks

I feel like the JS Blue Blood, ABH Riviera, and Tarte Icy Betch Blue Palettes have brainwashed me or something, because I am starting to see blue pigment on eyes as better everyday wearable looks that are amazingly beautiful.

Instagramer Elena snapped a blue eye look with a wing tip from her Violet Voss Rainbow Palette and then a look from her Boxy Charm Bag with the pigment under the lower lash line.

elena babymamamakeupbff


Asia Blue Blood Jeffree Star

Japan YouTuber Miss Toxic and owner of Luxury Eyelash Brand just uploaded her try on of the Jeffree Star Blue Blood Palette.

Her videos are in Japanese and she also speaks in her awesome American accent.

I love the way that she actually uses eye pigment for highlighter.

miss toxic babymamamakeupbff

She also shows how to use JS Velour Lips on eyes, which no one ever does even though the formula is made for both lips and eyes.

miss toxic babymamamakeupbff

Her final look is not a super glam look just for Instagram, because it looks wearable on her skin tone and face shape.


Looks in Asian Style Makeup

Ameldia_Vn on Instagram posted her look with highlighter underneath the lower lash line.

Whenever I go back and forth from Vietnam to the U.S., the only gift my friends ever want is makeup. I tried bringing back a collection of nude lipsticks to Vietnam one time, Kat Von D and Tarte, but the nude color didn’t go over well. On my second round back, I got a collection of every color in Clinique lips, but out of all 8 shades, everyone wanted the same matte red.

Canadian Beauty Youtuber Mia Maples went to Japan and discovered a new way to apply blush. Instead of putting the blush underneath the cheek bone, Asian style makeup places it above, around the bottom orbital.

She also commented on the eyebrow style, which is the same in Japan as Vietnam. Most women have them tattoo’d on in Vietnam, and their eyebrows are more of a straight line going up and out, instead of an Instagram fully arched thick eyebrow.

To get the completed Asian look, use a sheer orange eye pigment on the lower eyelid.


Shiseido Makeup Review

Shisiedo Kajal InkLiner for the eyes is playable. You can line your lips with it for more intense kissable looks.

#JBeauty is much more sheer than American makeup. Shiseido Essentialist Eye palettes are buildable, but you won’t get that pigmented look you see from U.S. YouTube Beauty Gurus.

Asian makeup trends are different than American, because Asian style sheer eye makeup compliments black liner and black lashes, snowy skin, and matte red lips.

If you’re having problems getting the eye pigment stick, use a cream highlighter as a primer.

shiseido babymamamakeupbff


#Heterochromia Two Eye Looks Same Time

Have fun with makeup. Try out a different color on each eye and wear at the same time.

kendall alfred babymamamakeupbff

YouTuber Kendall Alfred tried out two different shades, one on each eye, both from the Jeffree Star Blue Blood palette.

Also, Beauty Vlogger Ashley Summarell showed off her two eye looks using the Blue Blood palette on one eye, and the Blood Sugar (also from Jeffree Star), on the other.

ashley babymamamakeupbff