Looks in Asian Style Makeup

Ameldia_Vn on Instagram posted her look with highlighter underneath the lower lash line.

Whenever I go back and forth from Vietnam to the U.S., the only gift my friends ever want is makeup. I tried bringing back a collection of nude lipsticks to Vietnam one time, Kat Von D and Tarte, but the nude color didn’t go over well. On my second round back, I got a collection of every color in Clinique lips, but out of all 8 shades, everyone wanted the same matte red.

Canadian Beauty Youtuber Mia Maples went to Japan and discovered a new way to apply blush. Instead of putting the blush underneath the cheek bone, Asian style makeup places it above, around the bottom orbital.

She also commented on the eyebrow style, which is the same in Japan as Vietnam. Most women have them tattoo’d on in Vietnam, and their eyebrows are more of a straight line going up and out, instead of an Instagram fully arched thick eyebrow.

To get the completed Asian look, use a sheer orange eye pigment on the lower eyelid.


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